Trackman Launch Monitor Technology  

The Trackman Launch Monitor can be used for Custom Fitting & Golf Lessons providing you with a greater understanding of what happens when you strike the ball. 

What is Trackman? 

Trackman is a highly accurate launch monitor using dual radar technology. One radar system tracks everything the club does before, during and after impact. Whilst the other radar tracks the full ball flight from launch to landing. Trackman gives essential data in the greatest detail so you can understand what the ball is actually doing.  

Golf Lessons using Trackman Technology  

From a coaching perspective Trackman allows the coach to measure and record data from your swing. Then after making improvements to your swing we can measure whether the data is improving or not. Trackman can be used indoors and outdoors with ease using a tablet or mobile phone 
Trackman Lesson – £55 (1 Hour) 
3 x Trackman Lessons - £149 

Gapping Sessions – Know your yardages… 

A gapping session enables you to understand how far you hit each club and what the average gap of the yardage between each club is. At the end of the session you will be sent an email of your gap test results which you can store on your mobile device or tablet. 
As an addition you will also be given a hard copy of your yardage chart to keep in your bag. 
Gapping Sessions using Trackman - £40 

  Custom Fitting With Trackman 

Custom fitting is essential if you want to maximise your golfing potential. Every golfer has a unique swing and therefore if you have clubs which are fitted correctly, you will commit to every shot with confidence. Don’t be fooled into always buying clubs off the shelf as your physical abilities might not suit the clubs. 
Custom Fitting Session- £40 
(50% of your fitting fee back if you purchase golf clubs) 
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